Never skip your CARBS !!!

Carbohydrates are getting lots of bad publicity because they belong to a food group where you eat the products easily, but they are: " Oh so bad for your body"  Let us start to tell you that carbs as we call them, are at the basis of the food pyramide which will provide your brain "sole food source" and muscles direct with energy.

Carbohydrates consist of carbon, hydrates and oxygen and are the most important source of energy for our body. Our body consumes first the energy from carbs before it uses the energy from protein and fat. It is recommended that 45-60% per cent of our diet consist of Carbs - and now we know why! 

Energy booster
The largest part of Energy our body needs comes from Carbs. You will find Carbs in foods like Fruit, Vegetables, Bread, Pasta and Dairy products. Your body uses these foods to produce Glucose, which is a type of sugar that immediately can be transformed into Energy or can be stored in the body for later use.  

"Carbs give the body Energy which it needs as a good source of many vitamines and minerals. But not all carbs are equally produced" says Donna Logan, RD, a registered dietician at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston.

Foods contain fast Carbs  (mono-, disacharides) and slow Carbs (polysacharides). Fast Carbs will be absorbed by the body and will be used as a source of Energy. They consist of a small chain of 1 or 2 glucose molecules. So you have access to fast Energy, but you also loose or use it quick. Monosacharides and Carbdohydrates which can be broken down in the small intestine to monosacharides fall in the category of digestible Carbs. 

Slow Carbs are dietary fibers. The body is unable to absorb these. They are not a source of Energy but are extremely important for a well working intestine functionality.  Slow Carbs are slowly broken down in your body into Starch. They consist of longer chains of Glucose molecules. These carbs you use after a longer period. The healthiest type of Carbs are the long chains Carbohydrates. You find them in whole grain products and legumes. 

Function of Proteins and Lipids
Carbs are being part of Proteins and Lipids that our body needs to have its vital processes functioning. In essence Protein are the building materials of every cell in your body and lipids the protectors and transporters. That alone is why you need them! They supply our intestines with nutrients for the good bacteria who assist in digesting the food  (probiotica).

Muscle protection!
Carbs are essential in the protection of our muscles because it is a source of Energy. If we would "hunger" our body from Carbs it would in the end "Eat" its own muscle (where Glucose is stored) to find the necessary Energy. So why would someone chose for a low Carbs diet? Exactly: "They shouldn't and let me tell you why".

What is the difference?
As outlined above, Carbs are not bad at all in general. However, the type and quality of the Carbs you choose for your food pattern determines if they have a less or more saturating functioning in your body. The less saturated processed starch carbohydrates are the ones you choose to eat for optimal condition of your body. The fibers in starch carbs are good for your health.

Sugar, Starch and Fibers are all carbs en it is obvious that eating processed sugar is less good for you. When a natural returning sugar, which is unrefined like in Fruits, Honey, Juice and greens is present, than that is excellent for the bod. But it is the refined sugar that you try to avoid eating.  Starch consist of linked sugar units which you find merely in foods that comes from Plants.  GO VEGANS !!




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