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Boost your immune system with Yamba Moringa!

We understand everybody is concerned about their health right now. It's important to maintain your immune system and those of the ones around you. Moringa is packed with vitamine C and iron, and all other important nutrients that wil help you boost your immune system.

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The Yamba tasting kit has arrived!

Try all our protein shake flavoures, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry in our tasting kit! 

6 shakes for 12,95!

Try them now!

Protein in the Spotlight!

Nowadays everybody is talking about protein and shakes. But what do they actually do for you? We will explain to you what protein is actually good for and what it does in your body.

Snickers Shake!

As big as a chocolate freak as we are? Try our brand new snickers shake! Such a treat!



Pasta Pesto Recipe

We are absolutely in love with pasta. That's why we created a recipe for a moringa pasta pesto. Buon appetito!

The curiousity pack!

the curiousity pack for everbody who want to try all our products at once!

Green Protein Shake Chocolate (1kg)

Green Protein Shake Chocolate, 100% natural, Vegan

Green Protein Shake Strawberry (1kg)

Green Protein Shake Strawberry, 100% natural, Vegan

Green Protein Shake Vanilla (1kg)

Green Protein Shake Vanilla, 100% natural, Vegan

Yamba Moringa
The superfood that gives you a great natural energy boost!

Certified, safe and ready for consumption.

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