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Hey there! We’re Yamba Health, a socially conscious health brand. We’re proud to present you with our first product, Yamba Moringa! An all-natural, sustainable power food, carefully plucked from the majestic miracle tree.

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Moringa is the most nutrient dense food on the planet! It’s jam packed with vitamins and contains more than 96 nutrients. That’s why we call it ‘The Mother of all Multi Vitamins’. We believe that you shouldn’t go another day without it. Read everything about this miracle tree on our product page. 

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Recipe blog! 

We love great food and we love high quality moringa and most of all we love those combined. That's why our chef Sabine created a whole bunch of great moringa recipes. Starting with our delicious moringa pancakes! 

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Social model! 

At Yamba we believe if not everybody is winning, then nobody is. So we devised our social model: Firstly, our farmers are paid fairly. Secondly, for every pack we sell we give them back a sprouted Moringa plant to add to their plantations. And last but not least, we devote a lot of time to devising plans to thank them for their hard work: creating Moringa cooking briquettes, providing high-efficiency stoves and much more! 

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