8 good reasons to walk every day

This month we started with our "Walking Challenge". 5000 steps, every day. Believe me it is fantastic! Not only is it giving you the necessary daily exercise, it also brings you clarity and peace of mind. Now is the perfect time to take a walk. Flowers are blooming, trees are about to get leaves and the temperature is getting more pleasant every day. Hybernating-time is over for nature and for you!

Well nice all that exercise and walking, but why should I do it?

Walking brings you many positive physical and mental benefits and you do not have to do it alone. Ask a Friend, a fellow worker, neighbour r, or family  member to join you. It is often motivating to walk together, and before you know it is already done and dealt with!

Did you know that walking is super-healthy!

Here 8 reasons why:

  1. Walking decreases the chance of memory problems. It is proven that people who are both physically and mentally active, have a 20% less chance of getting Alzheimer
  2. Walking decreases the risk of getting Diabetes. Insuline sensitivity decreases after a few hours sitting. Walking during lunch break for instance decreases therefore the risk of Diabetes. 
  3. Ever heard of Serotonine? That is the "Lucky-hormone"! And that is exactly what you produce if you do your nice daily walk. Hence walking is great for your mood! And that is not only pleasant for you, but also for the people around you.

  4. Walking every day for 30 minutes is Excellent for a better resistance. This is caused by a measurable  increase of white blood cells. The Neurofiles and NK (Natural Killers) cells drastically increase which supports the resilience against infections and other unwanted intruders.

  5. Walking strengthens bones and muscles. Regular walking burdens the bones, which will increase the bone mass, which is super important as it also protects your cartilage. Decrease of cartilage causes all kind of physical problems. Same goes for your muscles. Burdening muscles is healthy as long as you also eat healthy. Remember, muscles need protein. Make sure you get your daily dose of required protein or consume a protein-shake after your walk!
  6.  Going for a long walk burns lots of calories, about 240 per hour. Apart from that it also triggers your metabolism which is extremely important for an optimal digestion. Walking assists with keeping a healthy weight as  well as great stimulation of functioning of the intestines

  7. When your body is resting it pumps around 3-5 liters of blood per minute. However if you exercise it can go up to 50 liters. So when resting it is quite difficult for your body to supply all your tissue with sufficient oxygen. Walking is therefore a great Oxygen uptake generator. 
  8. Walking relaxes and decreases stress levels. The best result is when you walk in Nature, men often say. Away from the big hectic city and generously absorbing the beauty of all those special things that happen in Nature. 

What I personally feel during a nice long walk is that my head becomes relaxed and it is creating room for creativity. The best ideas for my Job, changes in the decorating of my house and good intensions for my lifestyle always surface during walking. Reviewing that maybe we should walk all day !!




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