Impact Mission

Our Impact is important to us!
From socially sourcing our products, to ensuring
minimal environmental impact.

We believe in collaboration. Together we can create change!
We work together with independent Malawian farmers and together produce high quality natural products.
Our first one:

A climate smart crop.

Moringa’s nutritional values make the tree a miracle in itself. It is packed with vitamins and minerals that are a great supplement to your daily diet. But that’s not just it! Moringa is used broughtly in the fight against malnutrition. The tree is used worldwide to help decrease world hunger. Using Moringa on a daily basis can help prevent permanent brain damage by children with malnutrition.

We grow our Moringa in Malawi, together with independent Malawian farmers. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. Its economy is dependent on agriculture and they mostly grow tobacco. For the people's living situation, the countries economy and our climate diversification is necessary.

The biodiversity of Malawi is enormous but the use of this diversity is small. By working together with farmers and finding export markets for local products it is our aim to work together with communities to find out what change they want and need, create fair pricing systems and make nutritional food more accessible for all. In 2018 Unicef concluded that 92% of the children in Malawi do not have access to appropriate complementary feeding. 

See Unicef nutrition factsheet

It is our mission to plant Moringa trees all over Malawi, but more importantly educate people about the importance and the wide range of qualities of Moringa.  For every pack we sell, we plant a tree! In the communities we plant trees, we’re also developing a Moringa education system where we spread knowledge about the powers of this plant. 

Moringa is also a drought resilient tree. This means that it can grow without any extra irrigation or fertiliser and is easily accessible to local communities. You just take a branch of an already existing Moringa tree and put it into the ground, within a month you have a proper tree that you can harvest. Moringa is often used in countries like Malawi as a fence, but the knowledge about the nutritional values of the tree is limited. Therefore a lot of harvest is thrown away. It is our mission to change the image of Moringa in the villages we work with.

Apart from being easy accessible and highly nutritional, Moringa has more extremely valuable uses. The seeds from the seed pods that grow on the tree have the ability to purify water. Adding Moringa seeds to water has two functions. The first one is the antimicrobial properties within Moringa and the second reason is that the Moringa seeds function as a coagulant. Malawi struggles to have clean water. Moringa seed powder gives a great solution to purify their water.

Want to know more on how it works? 

Learn More at Science Direct

Collaboration is key. 

It's not about us just getting products from farmers, it's about collaborting to create a system that is sustainable and where there is room for improvement, scalable economies and generating more income for the villages we work with. We're always in contact with our farmers on how to optimise the way we work together.