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Yamba Team Yamba Team

Let's talk about a team that is here to make the world a better, happier place!

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First our farmers!

We'd be nothing without Esau, nor all the other farmers that make us what we are. Currently we work in symbiosis with 39 African villages, and that number is growing every week! Special thanks to Esau for letting us show his face.

Our mission

We're on a mission to ensure every human gets their daily power food! But! We're on a mission to do it right! In all our endeavours, we ensure that we do our very best to care for the people and the environment throughout our chain!

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Our pickup team

Our dedicated members ensure the smoothest pick-ups of fresh Moringa from the 39 villages we work with every day. For Kelvin (pictured left) is amazing fun. We don't know what we'd top without them.

Our Factory

Under great supervision of Jickson and Francis our dilligent Malawian factory workers work in unison with Robin in our Malawi production facility. This ensures we meet our quota of high quality Moringa powder every single day. Thanks guys!

Our beautiful home: Malawi

Often referred to as the warm heart of Africa, Malawi is a gem in the African landscape. We love it. It may not be the economical powerhouse that other countries are, but what it lacks in economy it makes up in a incredibly rich biodiversity, enchanting people and perfect weather. Four of our team listed below currently live there, and it's where we handle all our processing.

Our Team


Director Europe


African Director


Co-Creative Director


Co-Creative Director


Media Advisor


Product Researcher
Quality control


Agricultural Advisor