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Moringa Popcorn

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5 minutes

of preperation



Moringa Popcorn Ingredients

50 grams popcorn kernels (3.5 tbsp)
16 grams of coconut oil (2.5 tbsp melted, or 1 tbsp solid coconut oil)
24 grams nutritional yeast (4 big tbsp)
7 grams Yamba Moringa Powder (3 tsp)
½ tsp. sea salt

How to make

1. Mix nutritional yeast, moringa powder and sea salt in a small bowl.

2. Pop the popcorn: Add coconut oil and three kernels to the pot, cover it with a lid and heat it up to medium. When the 3 kernels have popped, remove them from the pot and add the rest of the kernels. Let them pop while shaking the pot every 10 seconds to make sure they do not burn. (Tip: You can also use a popcorn machine if you have one)

3. When all the kernels have popped, put the popcorn in a bowl.

4. Drizzle the moringa topping over the popcorn and mix it well with the popcorn so it gets equally distributed. If desired add additional salt.


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