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Moringa-Ginger Shot

Alt text describes the content of the picture. Alt text describes the content of the picture.
5 minutes

of preparation 



Moringa-Ginger Shot

1/2 Lemon
2cm Ginger root
2g Yamba Moringa Powder
Cayenne pepper
(For this recipe you'll also need a slow juicer)

How to make

1. Peel the lemon
2. Juice lemon and ginger in the slow juicer
3. Mix in Yamba Moringa powder
4. Add cayenne pepper to taste
5. Pour the shot into a small glass
6. Drink up!

If you're not used to taking these shots, we recommend having a big glass of water to chase it with, since it has a very heavy taste! We also recommended you to drink it in one go and not sip it.