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Eggplant Masala

Alt text describes the content of the picture. Alt text describes the content of the picture.
10 minutes





1 Eggplant
1 glove of garlic
2 tbl sp of olive oil
2 teasp of masala herbs
50 ml (vegan) yoghurt
1 teasp of Moringa
1 lemon slice

How to make

1. Press the glove of garlic into a small container.
2. Add the oil and masala herbs into the container with the garlic and mix it!
3. Cut the eggplant in slices.
4. Put the masala oil on the slices of eggplant.
5. Grill untill it has a lovely brown color.
6. mix the yoghurt, Moringa and the juice of the slice of lemon.


Moringa Powder

Try our eggplant masala with our Moringa Powder!