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We at Yamba love food! And therefore we asked our chef Sabine to create a whole bunch of delicious recipes for our recipe blog. And guess what.. she did an amazing job. Go see it for yourself! 

Moringa Pancake Recipe

Our chef Sabine cooked up a storm in the Yamba kitchen. She made these delicious moringa pancakes. Perfect for breakfast! 

Key Lime Pie Recipe

Sun is out! It's summer. We love to have our break in the sun sipping a cup of coffee and eating this delicious Key Lime Pie! 

Pasta Pesto Recipe

We are absolutely in love with pasta. That's why this week we created a recipe for a moringa pasta pesto. Buon appetito!

Moringa Brocoli Soup

This delicous brocoli soup is great during summer ├índ winter. Loaded with nutrients and vitamins! 

Stuffed Cucumber Rolls

These moringa stuffed rolls blow everyone away as healthy but delicous party snack. Who are your lucky guests?

Salad With Moringa Dressing

A delicious salad with a Moringa dressing is the pefect fresh boost for every breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Moringa Hummus

The perfect light and healthy snack to enjoy with your guests or by yourself!

Moringa Popcorn

Had a long day and just want to watch a movie, but want to enjoy something healthy while doing so? Try our Moringa Popcorn!

Moringa-Ginger Shot

Feeling sick or out of energy? Our Moinga-Ginger shot will get you right back up on your feet! 

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