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Digital Detox

Sometimes to escape reality, we at yamba call in a digital detox. This way we manage to keep our rest and therefore stay productive throughout the week.  

It’s 2020: time for a digital detox:

Nowadays we spend an average of 6 hours (!) of our days online. Two third of the world possesses a phone and there are roughly 4 billion internet users. This makes the internet an important part of our daily lives, which is true. The internet gives us the opportunity to be in contact with family and friends that are spread around the globe, we can reinvent ourselves, work and study. And that’s what makes the internet so valuable to us.


However, there is a big downside to this situation. And that is that we are always accessible, which gives us an addiction to the stream of information, which results in an overkill of incentives. Because there are only so many incentives you can handle at a time. the digitalising of the world has gone so quickly, that our brain and stress system haven’t had the time to evolve together with it.


The overkill of incentives and addiction to the online world hasn’t gone unnoticed. Nowadays it’s a hot topic on social media. Influencers, bloggers and coaches address the issue on a daily base and often subscribe their readers a digital detox.


A digital detox has, as you might assume, nothing to do with your daily nutritions, but to simply take a break from the online world and focus on reality. the need for this was created through the realisation of the downsides to the online world.


Because we spend so much time online, we get the feeling that we can never be “off”. Even though the internet brings many beautiful opportunities, we are constantly more aware that it’s not the only way to live your life. People are now more and more looking for ways to find a balance between the on- and offline world 

Is it something for you?

But what exactly is a digital detox, why would it be beneficial for you to do and when would you do it?

let’s start at the beginning. A digital detox is for everybody. It’s a period (usually once a day) where you just turn off your digital items and put them away. You technically just go offline for a little while. 

Track your screen time

Do you ever have the feeling that you look at your screen to much? Start for example with tracking your screen time for a few days. You can do this through an Iphone or with the app: Moment. The hours that you’re on your phone will be tracked and saved. They will also note what you do on your phone most. We generally underestimate how much time we spend on our phones. To get a clear image of this, we recommend you to start tracking it. More people start realising that they are losing the physical world around them. Do you ever still look up at the sky, admire the beautiful architecture of a building or just talk with a stranger on the streets (or the bus for that matter). If you ask yourself this question and the answer is no, then it might be time for a digital detox.

Some people might wonder: “Why would it be so bad to be online all the time”. Well, the only way to find that out it by going 100% offline for a change. You’ll start noticing that you get to spend more time on yourself, by going in a bath or taking a walk. This will change your opinion, we can guarantee you that. 

Find your inner peace.  

Finding yourself and listening to yourself, that’s what it’s all about. In the beginning you might miss the internet or it might feel a bit strange, but eventually you will realise that you will feel a lot kalmer. You don’t get as many incentives, which help you focus on other things for a change, but mostly yourself. If you can’t get the hang of it, try and associate it with something you would do online, to make you feel at ease. This way you can stay in your happy place for much longer. and that’s what you want right!? In this state you will find that you are much better at focussing, brainstorming and in the end you will be far more productive. 

Start with just one day

Don’t make it too hard on yourself. start off one day (a saturday or sunday for instance). Plan something you like to do or just take a day for yourself. Wanna bet that you have a nice day this way?

It is just very healthy and effective to do a digital detox. Maybe nowadays even the ultimate form of selfcare? 

Every day a mini digital detox

Obviously it’s impossible to always be offline. What you can do is just do it a little bit every day. You can set your phone in a way that after a certain time you can’t get any notifications in from social media or other apps. This way you can regulate when you want to have some you-time!