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Our Impact is important to us!
From socially sourcing our products, to ensuring
minimal environmental impact. Trust us that we
always do our very best.

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Malawi: Our beautiful home

Our home means a lot to us! That's why caring for it means a lot too. Malawi is financially one of the poorest countries in the world, but in terms of biodiversity, and general human attitude, it's one of the richests. We do everything we feasibly can to help this wonderful country to grow and develop. Hence we focus on education, sustainable growth and deforestation. 

Our Social Model

All our products are hand-picked by locals, who are paid an above-fair price for their labour. We collaborate with them to understand how we can do our work better and help them to improve both their lives and their working conditions.

Our Giveback System

Working harmoniously is give and take. We like to give as much as possible. That's why for every pack we sell we give a plant back. This helps the communities we work with to not only grow a crop that will serve them financially, but also nutritionally support their villages.

On top of that we are always looking for new ways to help. For example, processing all our left overs from Moringa into high calorific charcoal for cooking.

Learn about
our Yamba Health

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We are currently working state of the art packaging solutions. Although our current Moringa is packed in plastic, we ensured that our plastic is 100% recyclable, and also extremely recycling efficient. As more solutions are developed we'll be doing our best to employ those processes and technologies.


Malawi is a long way away. We always do our best to find the most environmentally friendly way to bring our products to you. 

Despite the extra cost we currently ship in bulk to Amsterdam and package all our products there to be distributed around Europe.