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Hey Superhuman!

Today we want to let you know that you are enough

 Because that’s something that should be said more often.


First of all: we think that positivity in life is super important. However nowadays it happens more and more often that we don’t feel satisfied anymore. This is caused by the excessive amount of information that we take in on a daily basis.

I’m sure you recognize it: you experience a moment of satisfaction, but soon after start doubting that feeling, while you read somewhere how someone else handled a situation or which social events you have missed by staying at home. We can tell you: you’re not the only one. And that’s exactly why we want to tell you that you’re good enough, just the way you are!

Nowadays we’re constantly, consciously or maybe unconsciously, spending our time on comparing ourselves to our surroundings. On these occasions we completely forget how amazing it is that we’re already here, in a state in which everything is okay and you’re independent, without judging others. We choose to use technology, in order to give tips, advice, explanations and support. Yeay!

One of the quotes we often see is:”You are enough”. And that quote is what we’ll be discussing today. What do we mean with this sentence and most importantly, what can you do with it?

First of all, the sentence basically speak for itself: You are enough. The way you are, the way you life and which choices you make. By that we mean: your life is yours, just like someone else’s life is theirs. Whenever you except and embrace who you are, you can let go of judging yourself and others. 

Technically it’s just a matter of listening to yourself: who or what you need, but also who and what you don’t need. That last part is a bit more difficult, because it can cause judgement from your surroundings, which in its turn makes you want to justify your acitons and choices. 

We want you to know that this is normal. When something feels good for you, then the chances are big that something will change in your needs and your surroundings. For example, when you choose to not engage in any social activity and therefore upset other people for not coming out anymore, while it’s actually because you’ve decided to put all of your time in your career. Your way of living can therefore change: that’s the flow of life!

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What’s the solution?

To start with: “no” is a full sentence (the more often you try this, the easier it gets!). Furthermore, you don’t have to try and find the confirmation for your choices externally. If it feels good for you, then that’s enough! So do check with yourself if you feel this confirmation internally. Whenever you’re looking for conformation it means you’re already in doubt. Which means that what you need is tons of practise and trusting your own judgement!

We understand that it can be difficult to find your way in these situations. Therefore we have a few tips that you can use at any time and for most occasions:


Choose your own surroundings. Find people both on- and offline who have the same way of thinking. On social media it’s very easy to follow or unfollow people or pages. There are plenty of amazing accounts on Instagram, like @risingwoman, @theholisticpsychologist, @thecompletioncoach, @victorianiamh and the new account from @lovegraceandus from the Netherlands. 


It’s good to sometimes just take some distance from technology and write what we really think that’s important in life. Tip from us: at the end of the day, note 3 days that you’re thankful for (it’s not important what you write; a nice sandwich for lunch or a stranger who politely greeted you).


Feeling anxious, scared or just not yourself? Just breath in 5 times and then out for 5 times to your stomach and en you’ll notice your heartbeat dropping, which in turn gives more clarity to you body and mind.

When you’re completely in your own element, then you can take charge of your own life.

When you’re in your own element, you radiate more energy and positivity. This works super contagious! Therefore you’ll notice that you will meet more and more like minded people, because you’re in the right state of mind. the state of mind that feeld good for you. The result? A satisfied and happy life, which results in turn in a positive impact on your surroundings: something we at yamba value as a key to a happy life!

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Much love, 

The Yamba Family